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Special Order Page

This is a page where customers can pay for books not listed on the web site. If you have an order to pay for and prefer not to telephone your card details let us know and we'll enter it here.
Neither you nor your books will be identified here, except by a reference number, which we'll e-mail to you.
The shipping cost will be included - the price shown on the page will be the total cost of books and delivery as already agreed; no further amount will be added at the checkout.

Special Order 0020 Ref: SpO0020  


Special Order 0020. One book from Catalogue 104 including shipping to Europe.

Price: 59.00

Special Order 0019 Ref: SpO0019  


One book posted to a UK address as agreed.

Price: 13.95

Special Order 0018 Ref: SpO0018  


Two books shipped by International Economy to Australia.

Price: 25.75

Online Catalogue |  Special Orders |  Special Orders


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