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All books catalogued since last July. Not all these are listed elsewhere in the on-line catalogue.
Latest update 12 May 2017.


APT The Untold Story. Ref: A3477  

Very large, 144 pages, photo illustrations (many in colour), vehicle drawings, glazed boards. **The first major study of the APT for over 30 years provides much new information about the project and finds poor project management at BR chiefly to blame for its eventual demise.

Price: £25.00

Armoured Trains. Ref: A3550  

An illustrated encyclopedia 1825-2016.
Very large, squarish format, 527 pages, photos, author's clear drawings (in HO scale), comtemporary drawings and other illustrations, some colour, hard back. **This is a translation of Les Trains Blindés, originally published in 1989. The work has been revised, expanded and brought up to date for the English edition. The introduction outlines the history of the armoured train (with illustrations including some of imaginatively sabotaged track). It proceeds to cover in detail, country by country, the huge range of fighting equipment that rode the rails over nearly two centuries.

Price: £50.00

Berwick To Drem (Scottish Main Lines). Ref: A3542  

Including the Eyemouth and North Berwick branches.
Darsley & Lovett.
Medium, approximately 96 pages, album, photos, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, time table extracts, glazed boards.

Price: £18.95

Birmingham & West Midlands Railway Atlas. Ref: A3520  

Very large, 72 map pages + approximately 28 page station and site index, glazed boards.**A very handy diagrammatic representation of West Midland's railway history. All maps give current and past track detail with owning companies and dates, and the index gives opening and closure dates and other details. The maps cover a (very roughly) diamond -shaped area between Rugeley, Stratford, Bewdley and Rugby.

Price: £20.00

Blackburn To Hellifield. (Northern Lines). Ref: A3502  

The Ribble Valley line.
Medium, 96 pages, album : photos, area map (from RCH), large-scale maps of station areas, time table extracts, glazed boards.

Price: £18.95

The Book Of The Hall 4-6-0s Part Four: Modified Halls 6959-6999, 7900-7929. Ref: A3521  

Very large, 168 pages, many photo illustrations, glazed boards.

Price: £24.95

BR Parcels And Passenger-Rated Stock. Volume 3. Ref: A3489  

Self-propelled parcels vans, TPOs and car-carrying vehicles for motorail services.
Very large, 92 pages, many photo illustrations, batch lists with building dates as known, softback. **Volume 2 will cover livestock vans and vehicles for carrying perishables such as fruit, milk and fish.

Price: £15.00

Branch Line From Leek. Ref: A3538  

To the Manifold Valley.
Medium, 96-page album, photos, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, gradient diagram, time table extracts, glazed boards.

Price: £18.95

Branch Lines Around Swaffham. Ref: A3522  

From King's Lynn, Dereham and Bury St Edmunds.
Adderson & Kenworthy.
Medium, 96-page album, photos, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, glazed boards.

Price: £18.95

Branch Lines To Maldon. Ref: A3525  

Very large, 256 pages, photo illustrations, maps, large diagrams of station areas and junctions, signalling diagrams, time table extracts, structure, rolling stock and locomotive drawings, appendices, glazed boards. ** Maldon was served by two branches, from Witham and from Woodham Ferrers. This is a particularly detailed history and description of both.

Price: £30.00

The Bridport Branch. Ref: A3540  

Very large, 154 pages, pictorial with many photos, maps, time table extracts, chronology, hardback. **Generously illustrated line history.

Price: £37.50

Britains Least Used Stations. Ref: A3481  

Very large, 240 pages, illustrated throughout with colour photos, four regional maps, soft back. **The author set himself the agreeable task of visiting and photographing every station in Great Britain, and from this enormous archive has selected views of the 217 least used stations in the country. With one station to a page, there are three or four pictures of each with brief notes on the location and train service. A table of data including date of building, original company, and passenger statistics for the years 2008 - 2014 is given for each station.

Price: £30.00

British Rail Corporate Identity Manual. Ref: A3561  

Henning (editor).
Very large, 472 pages (some folding out), white cloth binding, hard back without jacket. ** This handsome and desirable book reproduces the pages contained in the four ring-binders of the BR Corporate Identity Manual. This stipulated the entire range of designs used in BR, from typeface to loco liveries, to staff uniforms, to layouts for correspondence and introduced the famous double arrow logo. A visual treat in full colour, and remarkable value for such a fine production.

Price: £45.00

British Rail Designed 1948-97. Ref: A3553  

Very large, 272 pages, many photo illustrations, some colour, glossary, colour glossary (colour patches), bibliography, glazed boards. **Across the board history of British Railway design : architecture, locomotives, publicity, carriage interiors, staff uniforms, corporate identity et cetera. Well laid out, beautifully illustrated and fascinating. Really fascinating.

Price: £35.00

British Railway Atlas 1947. 2nd Edition. Ref: A3518  

And RCH Junction Diagrams.
Very large, 176 pages of which approximately 110 are maps and junction diagrams, the remainder being preliminaries and the index, glazed boards. **This new enlarged edition has larger and clearer maps and includes the Railway Clearing House junction diagrams for the same period interspersed appropriately throughout the mapping.

Price: £30.00

British Railways : The First 25 Years. Volume 5 The South West. Ref: A3512  

North Devon, Plymouth and Cornwall.
Allan & Murray.
Large, 192 pages, album with area maps and notes, detailed captions, glazed boards. **Some very fine images here.

Price: £22.50

Building London's Underground. Ref: A3529  

From cut-and-cover to Crossrail.
Large, 376 pages, illustrated with photos and maps, appendices, bibliography, hard back. **This is a first-rate study of the history and methods of construction of the various underground railways in London. It is full of technical detail, but not beyond the grasp of the interested layman. There are some fascinating illustrations and a detailed bibliography.

Price: £30.00

Coventry To Leicester. (Midland Main Lines). Ref: A3536  

Via Nuneaton and south to Rugby.
Mitchell & Smith.
Medium, 96-page album: photos, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, time table extracts, glazed boards.

Price: £18.95

Derby To Stoke-On-Trent. (Midland Main Lines). Ref: A3508  

Plus the lines to Cheadle, Burton, Stoke and Stafford.
Mitchell & Smith.
Medium, 96-page album: photos, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, time table extracts, glazed boards.

Price: £18.95

Directory Of The Railway Companies Of Great Britain. Ref: A3549  

Medium, 649 pages, glossary, bibliography, hardback. ** "The intention of this work is to assist the reader in identifying a railway, when it opened, where it went and what happened to it. It is not intended as a history of each company or a list of anecdotes". The directory includes lines:
  • Authorised by an Act of Parliament or a Light Railway Order (whether built or unbuilt)
  • Privately built but later incorporated into an authorised railway
  • Privately built but affected an authorised railway
It doesn't include unconnected industrial lines, miniature railways or street tramways (even those authorised by LRO). A useful reference tool, nicely laid out in clear type, it neatly summarises the origins of each railway and what, if anything became of it at the grouping. The entries for unbuilt railways are an interesting study in themselves. It's remarkably good value.

Price: £18.99

Samuel Telford Dutton. Ref: A3483  

Railway signal engineer of Worcester.
Very large, 256 pages, photo illustrations (some coloured), diagrams and drawings from contemporary sources, glazed boards. **Dutton was employed in the signalling industry for thirty years before he founded his own company - Dutton & Co - in the wake of the Armagh disaster to provide the interlocking systems required by new safety legislation. He worked in Britain, Ireland and overseas; much of his work is still extant on preserved railways, in museums and a little is still in use on the national railway system. Very readable account of the man and his many achievements.

Price: £30.00

Eastleigh To Romsey And Salisbury. Ref: A3556  

Bray, N.
Very large, 114 pages, many photo illustrations, track and building plans, large area map, soft back. **A thorough line history and description of this important section of the railway network. The table showing the recent increase in passenger use is quite an eye-opener.

Price: £17.95

The Fall Of The Tay Bridge. Ref: A3513  

Fully revised new edition.
Medium, 170 pages, illustrated with photos, diagrams and drawings, bibliography, notes and sources, soft back. **An academic engineering study of the causes of the collapse of this infamous structure. The author recounts the background, describes the construction and analyses the principal theories - which divide the cause between the train and the storm - and arrives at what Prof Paxton considers "the last word on the subject". Eminently readable and convincing.

Price: £10.99

Flying Scotsman - the locomotive. Ref: A3497  

Hughes, Benham & Nettleton.
Very large, 160 pages, photo illustrations (much period colour), bibliography, soft back: *A solid history of the nation's favourite locomotive from design and construction to the present day, taking in all changes of ownership, numbering and livery and covering her trips to America and Australia, illustrated by some fine photographs.

Price: £9.95

From Bridges To Big 'Uns. Ref: A3527  

A sort of West Side Story.
Very large, 176 pages, many photo illustrations with some period colour, glazed boards. **Engaging reminiscences of the author's career as a civil engineer with BR (LM), illustrated with his own photos which include many fine shots of steam workings as well as examples of civil engineering work.

Price: £27.95

From Gridiron To Grassland : The Rise And Fall Of Britain's Railway Marshalling Yards. Ref: A3519  

Very large, 288 pages, photo illustrations (much in colour), glazed boards. **The book opens with the development of the marshalling yard and British Railways' policy towards them. This is followed by detailed descriptions of individual yards, from the earliest (Edge Hill, 1882), to the first mechanised hump yards, the Modernisation Plan yards, and finally to Britain's last fully automated yards (Tinsley, Bescot and Scunthorpe West). There is also a section on marshalling yards overseas, with some huge examples (in the USA) and also (in China) some still under construction.

Price: £34.95

The Furzebrook Railway. Ref: A3511  

Of Pike Brothers' Dorset clay works.
Very large, 207 pages, photo illustrations, maps, site plans, hard back. **History of the railway serving Pike Bros' clay mines in the Isle of Purbeck. The network was intricate, with a lengthy westward branch; the locomotives were eclectic, with steam surviving to 1956 and the railway was only abandoned in 1999 (the clay working continues to this day). This book is a companion to the author's Fayle's Tramways (SW3287) which tells of the other major railway network on Purbeck.

Price: £28.00

Gradients Of The British Main Line Railways. Ref: A3517  

Very large, 95 map pages comprising 10 preliminary, 52 diagram pages + 32 page gazetteer / index, glazed boards. **First published in 1966, this useful reference has been out of print for some years. This edition is designed for ease of cross-reference and includes for the first time information on such items as water troughs; the index now includes names of tunnels, junctions and sidings, as well as stations.

Price: £15.00

The Great British Railway Station King's Cross. Ref: A3501  

Including 'The Ladykillers'.
Anderson, P.
Very large, 240 pages, pictorial, glazed boards. **This is an updated and expanded edition of Chris Hawkins' book of 1990. In his preface Hawkins explains that he wrote the original shortly before the King's Cross renewal project got underway, as a lament for the seedy and grimy surroundings about to vanish, and adds "but in the end it has all gone rather well".

Price: £27.95

Gresley's Class P2 Locomotives. Ref: A3476  

Very large, 128 pages, photo illustrations, tabulated locomotive statistics, glazed boards. **Written in association with the P2 Steam Locomotive Company, currently constructing a new-build P2, a complete and authoritative history of the class covering their design, construction, testing, working life, rebuilding and scrapping.

Price: £22.50

Industrial Railway Locomotive Sheds. Ref: A3486  

A second selection.
Medium, 80 pages, album, soft back. **145 industrial locomotive sheds visited between 1967 - 1999. The author has provided basic descriptions of what are frequently pretty basic structures. Fascinating and totally addictive.

Price: £12.95

Industrial Railways And Locomotives Of Kent. Ref: A3528  

Medium, 458 pages, maps and site plans (some colour), photo illustrations (some colour), additional booklet of maps loosely inserted, hardback. **The extra maps are due to three additional sites being discovered when the production of the book was well advanced.

Price: £35.00

Kingston-upon-Hull. Images Of A Rich Transport Heritage. Ref: A3506  

Road - rail - water.
Large, 112 page album, soft back. **A fine assemblage of photos - mostly taken by the author in the 1950s and 1960s - of buses, trains and ships.

Price: £15.99

Lincoln To Doncaster. (Eastern Main Lines). Ref: A3562  

Featuring Gainsborough.
Mitchell & Smith.
Medium, 96 pages, album : photos, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, time table extracts, glazed boards.

Price: £18.95

Lincoln. A Lincolnshire Railway Centre. Ref: A3563  

Medium, 48 pages, photo illustrations - some colour, maps, diagram, soft back. **One of a useful series of neat, well-illustrated local histories.

Price: £6.95

Lines Around Stamford. (Country Railway Routes). Ref: A3523  

including Peterborough, Sleaford, Spalding and Market Harborough.
Mitchell & Smith.
Medium, 96-page album, photos, area map, large-scale maps of station areas, glazed boards.

Price: £18.95

The LMS Turbomotive. Ref: A3480  

From evolution to legacy.
Clements & Robertson.
Very large, 160 pages, illustrated with photos, diagrams and drawings, tabulated statistical data, glazed boards. **Even in the twilight of the steam age Britain was at the forefront of developing a new generation of steam power which could have changed the face of the railways. Stanier's Turbomotive was unquestionably Britain's most successful experimental locomotive of the 20th century; this is a thorough history and analysis of its development and operation.

Price: £27.95

Locomotives International Issue 102. Ref: A3494  

April / May 2016
McCall (editor).
Very large, 66 pages, many black & white and colour photo illustrations, soft back journal. **China steam, Mallorca, Wolsztyn, Melbourne trams, Shaun McMahon's 3-page obituary of Phil Girdlestone and much else.

Price: £4.95

The London Railway Atlas Then And Now. Ref: A3500  

Jordan & Smith.
Very large, square format, 112 pages, 45 double-page colour maps, photo illustrations, gazetteer, hard back. **Another instructive and engrossing atlas. This one provides, on facing pages, the 1921 Railway Clearing House London map in 45 sections, each opposite a 2016 map of the lines and stations of precisely the same area. A selection of appropriate 20th and 21st century photo vignettes is included on each page.

Price: £21.95

The London Railway Record No 88 July 2016. Ref: A3499  

Kay (ed).
Medium, 40 page soft backed journal. **Fairlop and the Airport; LT station gardens; Lillie Bridge/3; Clapham Jct/2 .

Price: £4.25

The London, Tilbury And Southend Railway. Volume 5 Tilbury. Ref: A3510  

A history of the company and line.
Very large, 95 pages, illustrated with photos, large scale maps, track and signalling diagrams, soft back. **The history of the LTSR at Tilbury, its various stations, docks and maritime services. Excellent and detailed local history. The plan for the remaining volumes in the series is now that Volume 6 : Gravesend Ferry and piers will appear in 2017 and Volume 7 : General History of the LTSR 1959 - 1970s will appear on an unspecified date.

Price: £13.95

Monorails Of The Early 20th Century. Ref: A3503  

Very large, 208 pages, copiously illustrated with photographs, contemporary illustrations, diagrams, vehicle drawings, and maps, glazed boards. ** This volume follows on from Monorails Of The 19th Century (CE2859) and continues the history of monorails from 1900 to just after the second world war. Among others it provides a detailed history and explanation of the gyroscopic monorails by Brennan, Scherl and Schilovsky and the Bennie Railplane. Monorails built outside the UK are included, notably the American Magnesium Co line in the Death Valley desert in the 1920s. There are also updates to the 19th Century volume including the Schwebebahn and the reborn Listowel and Ballybunion Railway.

Price: £25.00

Motor Rail Ltd. Ref: A3474  

Simplex Motor Rail & Tramcar Co Ltd Bedford - England.
Very large, 152 pages, photo illustrations, glazed boards. ** History of the Bedford locomotive builders and light engineers, formed in 1884 to build tramcars for Karachi. The author's company, Alan Keef Ltd, bought the business in 1987. This readable account covers the full history and product ranges of the company together with individual histories of some of its extant locomotives.

Price: £22.50

Great Western Steam 1934-1949. Ref: A3516  

The Norman Lockett Archive.
Arlett & Lockett.
Very large, 160 page album, glazed boards. ** Fine large photographs, one or two to a page, carefully researched and captioned and with brief chapter notes.

Price: £22.50

A History Of North Eastern Railway Signalling. Ref: A3504  

Mackay (editor).
Very large, 320 pages, illustrated with photos (some colour), structure drawings, signalling diagrams, extensive bibliography, glazed boards. **The history and development of railway signalling in north east England from the earliest waggon-ways to the highly complex installations of the first decade of the 20th century, continuing to 1922. It omits the Hull & Barnsley Railway (which has its own book) and private industrial lines after the formation of the NER.

Price: £27.00

Northampton To Peterborough. (Country Railway Routes). Ref: A3478  

Including the Seaton route.
Mitchell & Smith.
Medium, 96-page album: photos, maps, time table extracts, glazed boards.

Price: £18.95

Northamptonshire Steam. Ref: A3535  

Large squarish colour album, 96 pages, map, glazed boards. **The county's railways in the last ten years of steam, set out line by line. This is rather more than an album : true it is simply a book of captioned photographs, but the captions are extensive, in some instances being a short essay. The photos are clear, colourful and naturally nostalgic although it has to be said that they by no means all contain a locomotive : there are some nice pictures of stations etc.

Price: £19.95

The Okehampton Line. Ref: A3526  

The Southern Railway route between Exeter, Okehampton, Tavistock and Plymouth, including the branch lines to Callington, Stonehouse Pool, Sutton Harbour, Cattewater and Turnchapel.
Nicholas & Reeve.
Very large, 428 pages, many illustrations: photos, signalling diagrams, station track plans, architectural drawings, glazed boards. **A comprehensive line history.

Price: £29.95

One Man And His Camera. Ref: A3475  

The railway photography of Trevor Owen.
Very large, 144 page colour album, glazed boards. ** Trevor Owen started taking colour photographs in the 1950s and was a masterly photographer. This superb collection of his steam photography show locomotives in yards, sheds, locomotive works and on workings up and down the country from the lineside and from a distance (he specialised in heights) - unusually he was able to achieve a wide view without the train becoming an insignificant smudge in the landscape.

Price: £30.00

The Paisley & Barrhead District Railway. Ref: A3479  

Very large, 120 pages, many photo illustrations, maps, signalling diagrams, soft back. **History of a short railway eventually completed by the Caledonian in 1905, just in time to be pipped by a new tramway. The line struggled to make ends meet as a goods railway until the 1960s but the seven passenger stations originally provided never opened.

Price: £15.00

Preserved Standard Gauge Steam Locomotives Of Great Britain A Working History. Ref: A3515  

Medium, 144 pages, a few photo illustrations, soft back. ** Useful reference book lists all preserved standard gauge locomotives (whether restored or not) by manufacturer. Dates, numbers (including works numbers), past owners and present whereabouts are given for each engine. Appendices list imported locomotives, list every main line engine by number (referenced to the main entry), and list the places of work of the preserved ex-industrial locomotives.

Price: £13.50

The Railway Goods Shed And Warehouse In England. Ref: A3505  

Medium, square format, 128 pages well illustrated with photos and some drawings, mostly in colour, soft back. **The container and other developments have rendered the goods shed obsolete; they have been little studied and plentifully demolished. John Minnis has examined the history and uses of railway goods sheds and warehouses and classified their types. A final chapter by Simon Hickman offers suggestions for alternative uses. There is a gazetteer of the remaining ones - over six hundred. A useful and attractive publication in Historic England's Informed Conservation series.

Price: £14.99

Railway Guns. Ref: A3552  

British and German guns at war.
Large, 121 pages, many photos, diagrams, maps, bibliography, hard back. ** Railway guns were developed as a means of transporting massive long-range guns overland during the first world war. This books covers the guns, the locomotives that hauled them, the locations and targets and what it was like when firing took place.

Price: £19.99

Railway Memories No 29 The Blyth & Tyne. Ref: A3507  

And associated colliery railways.
Large, 112 pages, pictorial, map, station layouts, soft back.

Price: £15.99

Railway Track Diagrams 2. Eastern England. Ref: A3530  

Fourth Edition.
Very large, 50 map pages, coloured + about 18 pages index, bibliography etc, soft back. **Fourth edition.

Price: £15.95

Railways In The Landscape. Ref: A3551  

How they transformed the face of Britain.
Large, 215 pages, photo illustrations (much in colour), other images from contemporary sources, bibliography, hard back. ** W G Hoskins, eminent historian of the English landscape, observed that the railways "manipulated the landscape on a grand scale". This book is a long overdue study of this "manipulation" in its own right. Gordon Biddle examines the visual effect of the railways on towns and villages, coast and countryside : the extant lines and those disused or even long gone, and the places made by the railways themselves. It is hard to think of an author better suited to the task and Biddle's thorough but concise account will surely become a classic.

Price: £25.00

The Railways Of Montenegro. Ref: A3537  

The quest for a trans-Balkan railway.
Very large, 231 pages, photo illustrations (some colour), coloured maps, drawings, loco lists, hard back. **The 750mm gauge Antivari Railway served no apparent purpose for 50 years and was heavily subsidised. Steeply graded and sharply curved, it lay at the heart of bitter international rivalries. Only with the opening of the Belgrade - Bar Railway in 1976 was the ambition of a trans-Balkan railway achieved. It is one of the great train journeys in Europe today, but, asks the author, is it too late? A good history of the line.

Price: £35.00

The Saffron Walden Branch. Ref: A3554  

Medium, 232 pages, photos, area map, locomotive, rolling stock and structure drawings, track and signalling diagrams, time table extracts, tabulated bridge and motive power data, soft back. **Comprehensive reference and line history for this Essex railway, and notably the first Oakwood Press publication from the new regime, altogether in keeping with the previous house style.

Price: £18.95

Slot Machines. Ref: A3555  

The history of cable-hauled street tramways in the British Isles.
Large, 66 pages, photo illustrations, some drawings, maps and plans from contemporary sources, soft back. **There have been eight cable-hauled street tramways in the British Isles, two in London, and one each in Edinburgh, Birmingham, Douglas, Matlock, Swansea and Llandudno. This book gives a history and describes the working of each. Most operated from the 1880s or 1890s to the early years of the twentieth century and have long been closed. The Great Orme Railway at Llandudno, however, continues to run and is eminently worth a visit both from its scenic and its operational interest. This is the book to read before you go.

Price: £25.00

The Snailbeach District Railways. Ref: A3565  

With introductions to Snailbeach mine and the railway schemes of south west Shropshire
Very large, 223 pages, photo illustrations, maps, junction plans, drawings of structures, locomotives and rolling stock, hard back. **One of Britain's lesser-known public narrow gauge railways, not passenger carrying but serving various local mines and quarries. A very detailed study of the working of this fascinating line.

Price: £30.00

Southern Nouveau. Ref: A3557  

And the lineside.
Reeve & Tibble.
Very large, 392 pages, copiously illustrated with photos and drawings, glazed boards. **The Southern Railway inherited an incongruous set of buildings and other structures from its three consitituents and unsurprisingly decided to rationalise its house style. All replacements and new work, from signal boxes to fencing would be done using standard components produced by the company in reinforced and pre-stressed concrete. These were manufactured at the special concrete works at Exmouth Junction which provided not only components for larger structures but entire footbridges and huts. A wealth of illustration shows these buildings in great detail. Fascinating background for all interested in railway architecture and essential reference for modellers.

Price: £29.95

Southern Way No 35. Ref: A3496  

The regular volume for the Southern devotee.
Robertson (ed).
Very large, 96 page soft back journal. ** Charles Anderson memoirs/4; End of steam July 1967; Mid-Kent Railway/1; Camping Coaches/2; Salisbury Goods; Over the Alps 1960s; Whistles.

Price: £14.50

The Swansea Vale Railway. Ref: A3567  

A Midland Railway outpost.
Miles, Thomas & Watkins.
Very large, 264 pages, photo illustrations, maps, plans, glazed boards. ** The authors produced a brief pictorial history of this line in 2004 :<<i>Midland Railway. Swansea Vale & Branches</i>>!! and have now assembled material for a full history, generously illustrated. The line ran from Swansea to Brynammon with several branches.

Price: £30.00

The Taunton To Barnstaple Line. Volume 1 From Conception To Demise. Ref: A3524  

A history of the Devon & Somerset Railway.
Very large, 232 pages, photo illustrations, maps, large-scale maps of station areas, appendices, tabulated list of contractor's locomotives, bibliography, glazed boards. ** A broad gauge line, operated initially by the Bristol & Exeter Railway. This volume chronicles the line's construction and development and its decline and closure. Volume 2 will provide a description of the route and stations, locomotives, signalling, operation and notable events.

Price: £25.00

Teesside Cast Products. Ref: A3482  

It's railways and their origins.
Medium, 88 pages, photo illustrations (mostly colour) several site plans, loco list, soft back. **The Corus Teeside works became a major supplier of steel slab to international markets and its railway expanded to support the new outbound supply chain. This history and study of the new operations provides a rare insight into the day to day running of an internal railway at a modern integrated steelworks. The mothballing of the plant in 2010 and its resuscitation under Sahaviriya Steel Industries is also covered.

Price: £10.00

The Tredegar Company Ref: A3566  

One of the South Wales Coalfield's 'Big Three'.
Very large, 208 pages, photo illustrations, maps, glazed boards. ** The Tredegar Company earned its wealth from iron and coal. This detailed history of the concern and its industries from early nineteenth century beginnings to NCB ownership is a sequel to the author's Peerless Powell Duffryn (W3015).

Price: £25.00

Vanished Railways Of West Lothian. Ref: A3539  

Very large, 256 pages, photo illustrations, maps, glazed boards. ** West Lothian (Linlithgowshire) was rich in minerals - oil-bearing shale, coal, limestone, fireclay and iron ore. By the early 1900s the county was criss-crossed by four main railway lines and a myriad of branch lines serving these industries, which of course also had their own network of private standard and narrow gauge railways. With three first-rate books on Scottish railway history under his belt* Harry Knox comes up with a detailed and absorbing study of the railways of one of Scotland's smallest counties.
*Scottish Shale Oil Industry & Mineral Railway Lines (SC3051) and the two Edinburgh MPD histories : Haymarket Motive Power Depot, (SC2863) and St Margaret's (SC3351).

Price: £25.00

Vertical Boiler Locomotives And Railmotors Built In Great Britain. Volume Two Ref: A3514  

Ashforth & Bradley.
Very large, 290 pages, well illustrated with photographs (some colour), glazed boards. ** The first volume of this book, by the late R A S Abbott, was published by the Oakwood Press in 1989 and has long been out of print (we do have second hand copies from time to time). This second volume, a collaboration of various members of the Industrial Locomotive Society, is a companion to the original volume, adding corrections and so much new information that it is almost double the size of its predecessor. As before the material is listed by manufacturer; the locomotives are diverse in design and generally fascinating in operation.

Price: £29.95

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