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Robert Humm & Co specialises in rare and out-of-print books about railways, other transport and industrial history. We also stock a wide selection of new books on railways.
Our shop is in the former station master's house at Stamford railway station. Our opening hours are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday to Saturday from 9.30 to 5.00. Come and pay us a call - the shop is easy to reach by road or rail. We have our own free parking and the A1 Great North Road passes a mile to the west. Our station is on the cross-country Birmingham to East Anglia railway, with an hourly train service.
Stamford itself is a handsome town with fine architecture, excellent shopping and restaurants - it is well worth a day out in its own right.
We offer, as always, a mail order service and welcome enquiries by phone, post or e-mail. Our knowledgeable and helpful staff are always happy to help.
In addition to the excellent shop stock we issue printed catalogues of our choicest rare and out-of-print books once or twice a year.
You will have gathered that this is not primarily an on-line business. However most of our new books and a little selection of our second-hand stock are listed on this site; most of the listings can be ordered on-line.

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Best Selling Items

Bradshaw's Guide. Hand Book 1. 2. 3. 4.


Medium, 624 pages, illustrations gathered together in final section, soft back. **Bradshaw's Guide was the title employed on BBC TV in 2010 for a book containing a set of the four regional issues of Bradshaw's Handbook for Railway Tourists, bound especially for the series. The book covers Great Britain plus all of Ireland and describes the main features and historic buildings of the principal towns. Here, at last, is a reprint of what we understand is all four parts of the 1866 edition. It does not, of course, contain any time tables.
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Bradshaw's Continental Guide July 1913.


For travellers through Europe, with an epitomized description of each country and maps of Europe showing the lines of railways opened.
Medium, cxlvii + 1099 pages, folding coloured map in front pocket soft back. **A faithful reprint of issue no 794 of Bradshaw's Continental Guide as used in the television programmes. The continental guide, while containing comprehensive railway time tables, also included a good deal of tourist information and thus served a dual purpose.
While original copies of Bradshaw's Tourist Handbooks are extremely rare, original Continental Guides are obtainable, although not common, and some may be listed in our Out Of Print Showcase.
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Bradshaw's Descriptive Railway Hand-Book Of Great Britain And Ireland.


Small, 452 pages, plus 8 double-page maps in a final section, hard back without jacket. **The title above is that given on the title page; the cover bears the title Bradshaw's Hand Book 1. 2. 3. 4.. This is a reprint of the actual book used on Michael Portillo's BBC TV programme containing four issues of Bradshaw's Descriptive Railway Handbook, bound especially for the series. Together the four parts of the book cover Great Britain plus all of Ireland and describe the main features and historic buildings of the principal towns. Here, then, is a reprint of Mr Portillo's own Bradshaw. It contains the indexes and descriptive text and most of the illustrations. The advertisements, all but one, are omitted. Eight of the town maps are included: Birmingham, Sheffield, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Hull, Glasgow and Edinburgh. The price is very reasonable.
The book does not, of course, contain any time tables.
This edition is currently out of print, but we are promised a new printing any time now and certainly in plenty of time for Christmas. If it is needed urgently please telephone us before ordering to make sure that we shall be able to supply in time. Otherwise we shall acknowledge your order and post the book when we receive the new stock.
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